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Anticipated Elementary Teachers (2020-2021 School Year) (20703)

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TitleAnticipated Elementary Teachers (2020-2021 School Year)
Posting ID20703


1.      Planning and Assessment:


a.       Establishes and implements daily written lesson plans.


b.      Evaluates student learning and revises instruction accordingly.


c.       Structures teaching to encourage independent thinking by students.


d.      Effectively prepares/uses instructional materials and technology resources.


2.      Instruction:


e.       Maintains appropriate expectations for all students.


f.        Differentiates instruction.


g.       Maintains appropriate student classroom behavior.


h.       Demonstrates knowledge of the subject/grade.


i.         Demonstrates resourcefulness and flexibility.


j.        Displays enthusiasm for teaching.


k.      Utilizes strategies to meet class objectives, student needs and abilities.


l.         Effectively motivates students.


m.     Manages Instructional time wisely.


3.      Safety and Learning Environment:


a.       Provides an appropriate learning environment.


4.      Communication:


a.       Models acceptable written and oral expressions


b.      Effectively communicates with students, parents and the community.


c.       Provides appropriate feedback to students


5.      Professionalism and Community Relations:


a.       Uses measures of student learning to improve instruction.


b.      Models professional, moral and ethical standards and personal integrity.


c.       Participates in meaningful and continuous process of professional development.


d.      Works in a collegial and collaborative manner with peers, staff, parents and community resources to support the success of a diverse student population.


e.       Provides services to the professional, the school division and/or the community.


f.        Displays professionalism:


·        Demonstrates good attendance and punctuality

·        Submits required reports on time and meets other deadlines

·        Maintains accurate records

·        Follows proper channels of communication

·        Appropriately maintains confidentiality

·        Is familiar with and abides by School Board policies, regulations and school procedures 


6.      Other:


a.       Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities.


b.      Maintains appropriate state licensure; assumes responsibility for and participates in staff development (professional growth) and training to keep materials, supplies, and skills up-to-date.


c.       Follows appropriate safety procedures and properly maintains equipment.


d.      Responds to telephone, email and in-person requests, inquiries and questions in a professional, polite and responsive manner.


e.       Attends all required meetings.


f.        Models non-discriminatory practices in all activities.  Respects the worth, dignity and individual differences of others.


g.       Performs other duties as assigned by the Principal and/or Director of Instruction. 



1.      Possesses or qualify for a Virginia Collegiate Professional license with Elementary PreK-6 endorsement..


2.      Possesses outstanding knowledge and skill in the assigned instructional area and demonstrates enthusiasm for teaching and the learning process.


3.      Demonstrates knowledge of instructional strategies and skills related to scientifically-based research and its implementation.


4.      Proficiency in public speaking and written communication to express and/or exchange ideas. 

5.      Proficiency in the use of a variety of instructional technology including computers with experience in Microsoft Office, email and other applications.  

6.      Emotionally mature, objective and sensitive to people and their concerns.  Able to handle responsibility, work independently, and maintain collaborative working relationships with students, families, staff, co-workers and community agencies.


Required Endorsement(s):
Elementary Education PreK-6
Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range$45,800.00 - $63,293.00 / Per Year
LocationAll Locations

Applications Accepted

Start Date12/09/2019